Dedicated to produce high quality macadamia trees

Uniquely located at one of Limpopo's best producing macadamia farms.

Producing seedlings grafted from hand selected, high yielding trees in our own orchard

The macadamia, most versatile nut in the world.

Albasini Macadamia Nursery

Albasini Nursery is a subsidiary of WelMac BV, situated in the northern province of Limpopo. It was originally founded to provide high quality trees for the developments of WelMac in South Africa as well as abroad. As WelMac is now provided with sufficient trees, in 2020 Albasini has started selling trees to the general market.

It's our mission to constantly improve

Due to high demand for professionally produced, high quality trees and long waiting lists at most commercial nurseries, WelMac decided to open the doors of Albasini Nursery to the general market. Being a nursery dedicated to producing only macadamia trees, we consider it our mission to constantly improve on the way we propagate our trees as well as the quality we deliver and the yields our trees produce.

Unique position

Albasini Nursery has a unique position, located on one of the best producing macadamia farms of the area, the trees produced in the nursery are grafted from hand selected, high yielding trees in our own orchard. For years we have been keeping track of trees that produce above average yields and high crack outs every year, which we use as mother material for our propagation. This way we can ensure that the trees we deliver are of high quality, disease free and will produce high yields if tended well.

Award winning producer

Macridge Processing annually gives awards for the batches with the best crackouts and the best performing farmers, in 2018 the first 4 prizes went to WelMac, with SKR rates at times exceeding 40%.

In 2019 WelMac won the award of excellence for largest volume with outstanding quality. Our harvest of 2020 is exceeding SKR rates of over 40% as well.

From this expertise in the field combined with our nursery, we can assist you in all aspects of your new plantings, from selection of cultivar to the management of your trees after planting as well as the planning of your orchard.